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About Us

Style, panache, finesse and perfection are few words, which define the idea that is Gurditti. We at Gurditti strive to provide unique designs, impeccable quality and luxury in measures, which strike the right chord with our niche market: those with strong aesthetic sense, passion for their homes, personal accessories and gifting.

We take pride in offering our customers the finest quality and contemporary styles. Striving for high standards in creativity through constant innovation is clearly reflected in our product knowledge.

The company’s vision is to create “Gurditti” as a premium-SOURCING brand with a pan India presence in the coming years. European styles and in-house hide designs, which are aspiration based lifestyle products, breathe of functional beauty and at the same time, offering true value by virtue of being unique collector items.

The USP of Gurditti products lie in their sourcing. Only the finest and most exclusive products shall find their way to you through us. Our suppliers are master craftsmen of their trade and produce exclusively for us. Each piece embodies style, perfection and pride of its craftsmen. 

Look forward to co-operate and collaborate with players with the winning streak and have a touch point in every city to reach out to the core user.

We are wanderlusts. As our appetite for finding that “something special” around the next corner—the next country—grew, so did the beauty and wonder of our discoveries.

Every product has a story!

gurditti inc

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